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Friday, February 3, 2012

Avon's ANEW 20th Birthday Celebration!

Avon's ANEW 20th Birthday Celebration!
Lots of $20 deals!!

Let's continue on with the Reversalist regimen (red).
Remember to go to my website and take the skincare quiz.

Reversalist fights moderate signs of aging. It reactivates the skin's repair process.
It is the world's first with Activinol.

Who is the Reversalist regimen for?
People experiencing moderate signs of aging, including wrinkles and discolorations.

What does the Reversalist regimen do?
It reactivates the skin's repair process.
*Reduces the look of wrinkles
*Helps fade the look of blotchy discolorations
*Visibly brightens and evens skin tone
*Makes skin feel tighter

How does the Reversalist regimen work?
It is formulated with Activinol Technology which is designed to boost
Activin (which is one of the body's key repair molecules).  It's engineered to
recreate fresh, new skin and help dramatically reverse visible wrinkles.

With any of the regimens, you need to follow the 3-step day & night process:
1.  Cleanse
2.  Moisturize: day with SPF, night, emulsion or Genics (night only)
3.  Treat with the eye system
**You many also use any of the special treatments during your day/night process.

When you look at these regimens in the Avon brochure, you will notice that they have "ages" associated with each.  PLEASE do not go by the age. Take the skincare quiz and use the regimen that you actually need.  There will be some young women who have abused their skin by getting too much sun who might need the Ultimate Regimen.   And, there might be some older women who have taken really good care of themselves who might need the Reversalist. Answer the 5 simple questions in the skincare quiz and you will be safe and secure in the knowledge that you have chosen correctly.  Remember, if you answer 2 in one column and 3 in another, pick the one skin problem that you want most to correct and go with that regimen.

If you have any questons, please be sure to ask in the comments below. I will read them all and get back to you with an answer. Want to try a sample? Let me know.

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